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a bit about hope :

An old soul, Hope Golds has always felt that through art, we can use the stories of the past to teach us how we can make positive shifts for our future. It is through art, that we can most freely express ourselves, move people, and truly convey what it is to be human.


Hope graduated from the University of Florida with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting, Spring of 2017.

Shortly upon graduating, she joined Emerald Coast Theatre Company for their 2017/2018 season opener and closer in I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change and Sylvia. While residing on the east coast, she worked diligently to build her portfolio, shooting commercial work for both local and national brands.


In January of 2019, Hope joined the team of List25 as a guest host. As their first female host, Hope aims to bring her quirky, feminine flare to their Youtube channel of 2 million subscribers and growing. Find her work with List25 below!

Last summer, Hope made the move from Jacksonville, Florida to Los Angeles and was offered representation

by Angel City Talent in their Commercial and Print department. During the recent COVID-19 epidemic, she has been primarily focusing on narrating upcoming Amazon audiobook projects from her home studio. 


She is looking forward to networking and developing her career in the city!

| Travel light, live light, spread light, BE the light. |

                               - HG




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