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In addition to film and stage work, Hope also has a passion for audiobook narration.


With warmth and strong presence, Hope enjoys connecting language to the human spirit through this form of storytelling. We all have stories to share and remarkable books transport us to another place.

Fiction or non-fiction, self-help or fantasy, books impact and shape us throughout the course of our lives. 

Vocally trained in both Lessac and Fitzmaurice work, and with passion for the analysis of language, she tells stories with intention and conviction. She looks forward to assisting you in sharing yours!


You can find samples of her work on this page and for further inquiries, click the button below. 

Monologue/Joined At The Head
00:00 / 01:43

Category : Drama & Poetry       Vocal Style : Inspirational

Language : English                     Accent : American-General American

Gender : Female                        

Monologue/Last Of The Red Hot Lovers
00:00 / 00:48

Category : Drama & Poetry       Vocal Style : Snarky

Language : English                     Accent : American-New York

Gender : Female                        

Monologue/Star Spangled Girl
00:00 / 01:24

Category : Drama & Poetry       Vocal Style : Authoritative

Language : English                     Accent : American-Southern

Gender : Female                        

Fiction/My Love, My Love by Rosa Guy
00:00 / 01:27

Category : Fiction                       Vocal Style : Warm

Language : English                     Accent : American-General American

Gender : Female                        

Fiction/My Love, My Love #2
00:00 / 01:56

Category : Fiction                       Vocal Style : Engaging

Language : English                     Accent : American-General American

Gender : Female                        

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