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Location, Location, Location.

Great photographers are always seeking out that perfect location to snap their next headshot or artsy photo. Just like finding that perfect someone, sometimes the best locations are where you least expect them. That's what photographer, Chris Jordan, taught me when we met up to shoot in the heart of Seaside. Seaside is not only known for it's own perfect location, right off the emerald coast in the panhandle of Florida, but it's also known for it's eclectic shops such as Sun Dog bookstore, Central Square Records, Amavida coffee shop, and it's various delicious airstream food trucks. Right when you pull up to the main shopping and dining area, you see sun kissed beach babies riding their bikes to and fro. There's something peaceful in the air around this area, which is why I was thrilled when Chris mentioned we were going to shoot here.

When I arrived, I thought we were going to set up near some of the typical spots-the beach, in front of some of the shops, or near some of the pastel multi-million dollar homes. But instead, Chris surprised me with a detour to a plain jane looking hallway between some of the shops. Chris must have sensed my curiosity, as he quickly explained that some of the best spots have the simplest backgrounds. It's all about where the light hits. Suddenly, I recalled the race against time as the sun was going down on set for Sightseers (a short film written and directed by Noah Avidan, cinematography by Mitch Worley). Chris mentioned that we would be facing a similar race, as the sun would head to sleep in about an hour. To my surprise, we finished early and were even able to get some fun lifestyle and fashion shots.

Collaborating with Chris was nothing short of fun. If you're looking for a wedding, event, or lifestyle photographer/videographer, be sure to contact Chris. You can see his work on Instagram : @imchrisjordan or Youtube:

I've included some photos from our shoot, which you can also find in the Gallery section of my website. Headshots to come. Thank you Chris!

| HG |


[grey ruffle sweater/distressed shorts-Altar'd State, headscarf-LUSH, beaded jersey-Frolic Exchange]

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